Brooklinen Debuts Spaces, A Curated Marketplace

BROOKLYN, N.Y: Brooklinen, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) luxury bedding brand founded in 2014, announces the launch of Spaces by Brooklinen, a user-friendly marketplace concept offering a highly curated assortment of home goods from like-minded partner brands.

Averse to traditional experiences that leave consumers with a sea of options to sift through and limited product education to reference, all products available on Spaces by Brooklinen are thoroughly researched and vetted to ensure they uniquely serve both form and function requirements and align with the brand's philosophy and trademark approach of quality, curation and simplicity.

Since its inception, exceptional customer service has been a critical hallmark of Brooklinen's success; customer feedback is a large driver of product innovation and impetus for category expansion. The brand has a high rate of repeat customers who gravitate towards elevated, accessible home goods in a style now synonymous with and unique to Brooklinen. Spaces by Brooklinen is a response to such requests and will allow consumers to recreate the Brooklinen aesthetic within their own homes.

My wife and I founded Brooklinen because we realized there wasn't a brand we trusted to deliver the best quality sheets at the best price, says Rich Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Brooklinen. Brooklinen grew because there were a lot of people also facing this challenge - Spaces by Brooklinen is an expansion of our commitment to do the research and curate the very best home goods in a one-platform solution that consumers know and trust, providing them with a simple, fun and satisfying shopping experience.

Further, Vicki Fulop, CCO and co-founder of Brooklinen says, Design is ever-evolving and exciting, but it can also get overwhelming. Our customers are coming to us for styling inspiration and products beyond bedding and bath needs, so with Spaces by Brooklinen, we're finally able to expand on our promise and provide a wide range of our favorite pieces for their moments of leisure. And with our dedication to simplicity and ease when it comes to shopping, we've sifted through all of our design moods to edit, edit, edit until we could bring three of our favorite aesthetics to life.

Spaces by Brooklinen will feature three aesthetics, shoppable by room collection and by product category, including

Relaxed Industrial, inspired by the exposed brick and concrete found in Brooklyn lofts, industrial and metal accents, clean lines and black and white graphic elements are balanced with pops of color.
Earthy Minimalist, influenced by Scandinavian design and cool beachy interiors - natural, organic materials in clean, modern shapes create a tailored but cozy look.
Modern Glam, where luxurious textures in rich hues are balanced by modern lines. Brass, polished metal and marble accents balance out the softer, more feminine elements.

Through Brooklinen's partner brands, which range from independent designers to artisans, customers will find a tailored assortment of one-of-a-kind, stylized items that bring form and function to the forefront while also creating a beautiful and comfortable oasis. Pieces can be purchased individually or comprehensively for a complete look.

Lead partner brands include Simply Framed, The Sill, Floyd, Dims., Inside Weather, Bombabird Ceramics, Recreation Center, Color Cord Company, Newgate, Taschen, Intelligent Change and Gestalten.
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Brooklinen Debuts Spaces, A Curated Marketplace