Pinpoint Predictive Releases Shopper Personality App On Shopify

SAN MATEO, Calif: Pinpoint Predictive, a venture-backed innovator in the emerging field of personality-driven data science, announced the launch of Shopper Personality, its first pre-packaged app for the Shopify platform.

Shopper Personality combines quantitative psychology and machine learning to surface personalized word / image / color recommendations for U.S.-based customers, enabling direct-to-consumer brands to bring better emotional resonance to their marketing efforts.

Pinpoint's patent-pending platform is entirely privacy-safe, GDPR & CCPA compliant, and offers turn-key activation via the Shopify App Marketplace https//

Upon install, Shopper Personality quickly analyzes a merchant's store for its most profitable customers, de-identifies the resulting segment, and assembles the aggregate personality characteristics for the group from Pinpoint's proprietary personality data. The app then surfaces academic peer-reviewed communication recommendations for each group's dominant personality characteristics, together with an explorable interface that reveals how a customer segment compares to the broader U.S. adult population along 35 personality dimensions. Shopper Personality is available to Shopify merchants for free through the end of 2019.

The release of Shopper Personality marks the beginning of what will be a series of actionable, personality-driven services from Pinpoint, packaged not only for Shopify, but also via several other leading E-commerce and email marketing platforms yet to be announced.

Packaging the Shopper Personality experience for Shopify merchants is an exciting development in the field of personality-driven marketing, said Paul Longhenry, CEO of Pinpoint Predictive. These turn-key insights and communications recommendations represent the first release in what will soon grow into a broad portfolio of content personalization services.

In conjunction with this release, Pinpoint has launched, a site intended to educate the E-commerce community on quantitative psychology and the emerging field psychometric AI. The site summarizes existing research in these fields and details Pinpoint's approach to personality-driven content personalization.
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Pinpoint Predictive Releases Shopper Personality App On Shopify