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Princess Cruises Extends Captain's Circle Loyalty Benefits to Guests of All Ages

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SANTA CLARITA, Calif: Princess Cruises, a leading international premium cruise line, announced it will extend its award-winning Captain's Circle Loyalty program to guests of all ages.

The extension of the loyalty program marks Princess Cruises as the first and only cruise line providing youth passengers with Elite status complimentary Wi-Fi.

In celebration of this milestone, Princess Cruises is rejoicing its most-traveled youth guests nine-year-old Wyatt Wilkinson, the youth guest with the most cruises at 46; and 15-year-old Alexis Lavoie, the youth guest with 538 total days at sea.

Los Angeles-native Wilkinson was just a year-old baby when he starting cruising and traveled to the Mexican Riviera with his grandmother Renate Wilkinson, who introduced him to the joys of seagoing travel. In fact, he's sailed to his favorite destination - Alaska - three times in the last three years alone.

A Canadian resident of north Montreal, Lavoie started earning his sea days cruising at just four-years old. He sailed on a World Cruise in 2009 onboard Tahitian Princess and another World Cruise in 2011 with Pacific Princess. He also completed a 60-day South America cruise in 2013 onboard Grand Princess.

We know travel enriches our guests by inspiring them to connect with new people in far off destinations while immersing themselves in new cultures, said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president. By extending the benefits of our Captain's Circle Loyalty Program to our youth guests, they will remain more connected than ever to their friends and family and continue to share their joy of cruising with the world.

As Elite members of the Captain's Circle loyalty program, Wilkinson and Lavoie now enjoy all the benefits of the program, which are currently being rolled out to all youth guests. From the appropriate loyalty level color displayed on their OceanMedallion and cruise card, to complimentary Wi-Fi, priority embarkation and complimentary laundry, more details can be found here https//book.princess.com/captaincircle.

A detailed Q&A with Wilkinson and Lavoie including their favorite destinations, onboard features and meals follows

From all your cruises with Princess, what is your favorite destination and why?

WW Alaska because the nature is so beautiful.
AL My favorite destination is still Cozumel because of the vast selection of beach activities.

What is your favorite part about Camp Discovery Youth & Teen Center?

WW Arts and crafts.
AL My favorite part of the teen center is that it allows me to meet other kids my age.

Do you have any advice for young travelers taking their first cruise?

WW Go to the Youth & Teen Center!
AL My advice to any young travelers would be to get out of your room so you can make a lot of friends.

Have you tried OceanMedallion? What is your favorite part?

WW I love the interactive portal screens with all the different OceanTagalong sea creatures I can name.
AL I like the fact that the OceanMedallion has my door ready to open when I arrive. It makes it very easy as I do not have to search for a cruise card. Also, the New MedallionNet is super-fast and allows me to stream and stay in touch with my friends.

Where will you cruise next?

WW A Thanksgiving Day cruise to Mexico onboard Royal Princess.
AL My next cruise will be two weeks at Christmas and New Years on the brand new Sky Princess. I look forward to this new ship.

Additional information about Princess Cruises is available through a professional travel advisor, by calling 1-800-PRINCESS (1-800-774-6237), or by visiting the company's website at www.princess.com.

Princess Cruises Extends Captain's Circle Loyalty Benefits to Guests of All Ages

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