The Beard Club Returns With a New Makeover

NEW YORK: The Beard Club, a leading brand for men's grooming needs, today unveiled a new look for the company as well as new beard care kits and a new loyalty program for all Beard Club members.

Accompanied by a brand-new website that will streamline the process for Beard Club shoppers, the company also unveiled new branding and a new tagline Don't Grow it Alone, which speaks to its commitment to club members and the company's goal to transform beard care for men everywhere. In addition, the company rolled out a new Beard Club Rewards program, that provides members with savings and deals on the best grooming products on the market.

Our mission at the Beard Club is to provide guys who have beards, as well as guys who are looking to grow their first beard, with high-quality grooming products at affordable prices, delivered right to their door, said Bryan Welfel, CEO, The Beard Club. But we also want to provide the information they need to get the beard that they want and in doing so, build a better community for guys living a bearded lifestyle. Today, the Beard Club experience is better than ever with our upgraded website, new product, new kits and an awesome Beard Club Rewards program.

Beard Club members will benefit from a new program where they will get rewarded for their loyalty, even on their first purchase. Every customer is automatically enrolled in the Beard Club Rewards following their first purchase. All Beard Club Rewards members will save 15% or more every month when they subscribe to a product or kit, receive free domestic shipping with orders over $30, birth and anniversary gifts, discounts on upcoming orders, first access to new products, spontaneous free product and more.

The new Beard Club website offers a better shopping experience and streamlines all club member shopping details to better manage subscriptions, including easily adding, removing or pausing products. So, for example, if a club member has enough of a certain product, they can simply pause a shipment for a month.

The Beard Club has made beard growth even more personal with the creation of new specialized Beard Club Kits. Beard kits are preconfigured product bundles to address any beard growth goals, no matter the stage. Kits are available in Club, Deluxe, and Premium configurations to address any budget and beard growth or grooming goal. Current Beard Club customers who want to keep their current subscription packages will see zero change in their monthly bills.

We've been working very hard to really focus on the Club as a key part of the Beard Club experience. We're an authority on a bearded lifestyle and so we need to do more than just sell beard care products, said Welfel. Our goal is to create the very best community of bearded men and to help them with great products and unsurpassed beard care support. This mindset is embodied by our new 'Don't Grow it Alone' tagline.

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The Beard Club Returns With a New Makeover