Consumer Feedback Brings Le-Vel's Latest Product To Life

DALLAS: In a marketplace in which customer reviews have never been more consequential, a company which takes a crowdsourcing approach to product development can push the boundaries of science and technology to create something truly innovative.

Le-Vel, the world leader in human nutritional and skincare innovation, is doing just that with its new Autoship Insider Program.

Autoship Insider gives Thrivers unique insight into some of the product concepts currently under consideration by the multibillion-dollar organization. Each month with their Autoship orders, Insiders receive beta product samples from the THRIVE Concept Lab, such as new capsule formulations, THRIVE Lifestyle Mix shake flavors, skincare and cosmetic prototypes, and new Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) designs and formulations. Some samples are potential new product categories, while others are unique refinements to existing products.

Le-Vel prefaces each Concept Lab mailing with an email introducing Insiders to the product sample they're about to receive, along with an explanation of its benefits and usage directions. After trying the samples, Insiders are encouraged to share their feedback on social media with the hashtag #thriveinsider. Based on the incredible feedback already shared by Insiders, Le-Vel is preparing to launch THRIVE Sculpt, September's Concept Lab sample.

With millions of Thrivers here in the United States, we have an incredible opportunity to crowdsource our ideas and perfect them before they go to market. By sharing new concepts straight from the lab with Thrivers, Le-Vel is able to better understand what our Promoters and customers want. That knowledge is invaluable for our ability to continue developing products that raise the bar on health and well-being - products that allow consumers to truly thrive, says Co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette.
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Consumer Feedback Brings Le-Vel's Latest Product To Life