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Study in India: A Guide for International Students

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Study in India: A Guide for International Students

Newyork, Nov 15: If you are one of those adventurous students who likes to use the road less traveled, then you want to go and study in India. There aren't many places on this planet where you will find such diversity in culture and sights.

An Indian University is something to behold, not just because of the buzz that surrounds the place, but because of the variety of people you will find there.
You won't just be going for a degree.

You will be going to gain life experience that few other people have had the pleasure of experiencing. Here is a quick guide for those who want to take the plunge and explore a bit.

Choose what you want to go and study

India is an educational hub with many top-ranked universities. In all honesty, you could go into any field of study and find a university that not only offers the relevant degree, but is also a leading university in the field.

The medical school in New Delhi is considered by many as the top medical school in the world. The institutes of technology are also highly ranked, with their engineering fields ranked just below that of MIT.

Delhi is known to be quite similar to Indiana which has a rich learning history and some of the world's most important educational foundations were founded here. You could find your passion and maybe be the next great inventor or Nobel prize winner.

How will you communicate?

Apart from being an educational hub, India is also a communications hub. With over 150 million English speaking residents, you will have no problem in communication. You also don't have to worry about the language barriers in class.

It's easy to find assignment writing help seeing that courses are presented in English. There are hundreds of other international students who study in India, so you will find things working your way the best way.

Depending on your affinity for languages, you might also want to pick up one of the local languages, but don't think that it will help you in the next town. India is such a complex country with many languages and it can happen that the people of one village don't understand the people in the next. So rather stick to English.

Getting some extra cash

Students will always be students and the one thing that they will always need more of is money. Getting your hands on extra cash is the same as in any other country. Cafes coffee shops and bookshops all have part-time student positions that you can apply for. Work is by no means scarce, so you will be able to find something to line your pockets with.

The best thing about India is that it is fairly inexpensive, so you don't even need so much extra money to get by. If you can, try and get a job on campus. That will bring your traveling costs down as well.

Where will you stay?

Staying on campus in one of the hostels is probably your best bet. As a foreign student, the chances are that you know nothing about India cities. You might not even be aware of the fact that there are colleges with no application fee.

The hostel accommodation at most of the universities are fairly inexpensive compared to other international universities. Most universities cater especially for their international students and there will always be a spot reserved. Once you get to know the area a bit better, you might want to opt to rent a house or go and stay in a commune.

What to do during your holidays

When all is said and done and the semester is over, you have to go and explore the country. Travel in India is very cheap and you can go far with very little money. The country is vast and there are hundreds of sights to see and people to meet.

Go and ride on the back of an elephant or experience the atmosphere at one of the IPL cricket games. The best about traveling in India is that you will rarely have to translate something from Indian to English or vice versa.


When you take everything into consideration studying in India is not just an adventure, but a wise choice when you want to go and study. Their universities are world-class and many of their degrees are internationally recognized. The cost of your studies will be considerably less than in the States or in Europe and you will experience one of the most culturally rich nations in the world. Now you just need to apply.

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Study in India: A Guide for International Students

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