Batteries Plus Bulbs Launches New Smart Home Collection

HARTLAND, Wis: By 2021, smart home devices will be a larger part of consumer lives than smartphones.

That's why Batteries Plus Bulbs embraced the potential of smart technology with a new product line that took everything their customers wanted and put it into action. The retail chain launched Smart Home, a collection of those connected products, like lights, plugs and cameras, controlled by an app on homeowners' phones or other smart devices.

Batteries Plus Bulbs' new Smart Home collection with over 30 products has three major benefits

Safety Security-minded homeowners can set up potential threat alerts, security cameras, door sensors and video doorbells to keep their homes safe.
Convenience On-the-go users can be at ease knowing a forgotten garage door can be closed or an appliance can be shut off from miles away with the push of a button.
Entertainment With customizable light settings like color-changing lights, smart dimmers, switches and more, users can also amp up their entertainment skills.

The Smart Home collection can make life easier for our customers, whether they're looking for more security or want to streamline their daily tasks, said Scott Williams, CEO of Batteries Plus Bulbs. With Smart Home, we've formulated a total home solution, curated and inspired by specific requests from our customers.

The Smart Home collection is now available online at and at select stores, rolling out to all locations throughout the rest of 2019. To learn more about Smart Home, visit https//
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Batteries Plus Bulbs Launches New Smart Home Collection