New Study From WFD Consulting On Gender Identity And Creating Inclusive Workplaces

WALTHAM, Mass: WFD Consulting unveiled its new research report: Gender Identity and the Dynamic Workforce: Creating an Inclusive Workplace to understand how organizations could better support employees who are transgender as well as those who identify as gender nonbinary, non-conforming and fluid, including support for parents who have children who identify as transgender and nonbinary.

Chapter 4 of the report, Taking Action, provides organizations with a comprehensive set of recommendations to create inclusive, welcoming experiences for all employees.

The Summary of Findings provides 9 high-level findings and conclusions from the experiences and stories shared by all study participants.

Generation Z is entering the workforce with the inclusive perspective that gender and gender expression can exist on a continuum between the traditional binary male and female and can be fluid.

Through interviews with employers, employees, gender identity experts and parents of trans children, the study uncovers the gaps between the desired workplace culture and the day-to-day experiences of parents and trans and nonbinary individuals.

The insights from this research are important to understanding how we can continue to take thoughtful steps to ensure the workplace is even more supportive and conducive to employees in the transgender, non-binary and gender fluid communities. It is our hope that through this research, we can spark a new, open conversation that allows us to help everyone in the workplace understand where we are in this part of our inclusion journey. - Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, Chief Diversity Officer at Microsoft

An advisory team, all active allies and advocates in the trans community, was assembled to inform the study design. Between April and August 2019, more than 110 individuals from all regions of the country were interviewed. They ranged in age from 24 to 69 and worked in diverse industries including banking, financial and professional services, education, government, health care, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, retail and transportation, and technology. This research study was sponsored by Microsoft Corporation.
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New Study From WFD Consulting On Gender Identity And Creating Inclusive Workplaces