Los Angeles, Nov 14

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who announced that her shapewear line Skims, would launch two new products, body tape and pasties, shared photographs of the times she "taped up" her breasts to show people how to use her newly launched product.

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In posts on Twitter announcing the new products, set to go on sale Thursday on the Skims website, Kim described the tape and pasties as being made of a sweatproof, stretchy material, reports insider.com.

Representatives for Skims said that the body tape and pasties were designed only for the breast area and confirmed that both products would be available in three colours.

A video on the Skims Instagram account demonstrates how the body tape is meant to be applied, instructing users to apply a 16-inch strip of tape from below each breast to the top of the shoulder.

She then took a personal approach to promote her new body tape.

She shared a series of images on her Instagram Story showcasing how she said she'd "taped up" in the past and used body tape when sporting tricky necklines and iconic outfits.

She used a photo from a 2017 event in Los Angeles, where she sported a oversized blazer look.

Kim then shared a photo of herself from 2017, when she wore a low-cut, pinstripe blazer-style dress.

She also posted an image of herself in a showstopping gown from 2018, writing "I tape the front so I can wear a backless dress! Since you can't wear a bra."

On her Instagram Story, fans can also see a throwback photo from 2008, which Kim said was the year she started experimenting with body tape as a shapewear solution.

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