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InfluBase Reveals Top 5 UK Mummy Influencers

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LONDON: The UK's most influential mummys on social media have been revealed in a new report by influencer marketing agency InfluBase.

The report investigates the UK mummy influencer sector, identifying and analysing data from the 50 most influential mummy creators across all social platforms.

The InfluBase ranking takes into account both the number of followers and the engagement levels of each mummy influencer

The top five

1) Louise Pentland (@louisepentland)
2) Clemmie Hooper (@mummy_of-daughters)
3) Giovanna Fletcher (@mrsgifletcher)
4) Sarah Turner (@theunmumsymum)
5) Rachaele Hambleton (@parttimeworkingmummy)

How much can they earn?

The top five, can earn anything between GBP3K and GBP10K per Instagram post according to InfluBase though influencers further down the list can also generate a significant income according to CEO Ross Furlong

It's not all about how many followers you have, engagement, authenticity and fit are also very important in determining which influencers will deliver the best results for brands, said Furlong.

Key findings

InfluBase's research into the top 50 UK mummy influencers across all their social channels found that

The combined reach of the top 50 UK mummy influencers is more than 14 million followers.
Their engagement rate varies from 0.3% to 12.9%
95% of all engagement comes from Instagram
Tuesday posts get the highest engagement
70% of posts contained no hashtags
Motivational messages and relatable questions get the most engagement
M&S was the most widely spoken about brand - 76% of M&S posts were sponsored.
Slimming world and Disneyland had most organic brand mentions
Fashion brands were the most mentioned sector - 28% followed by Travel (19%) and Entertainment (2%).
20% of all posts were ads.

Report Download

The Top 50 UK Mummy Influencers Report 2019 can be downloaded here https//

InfluBase Reveals Top 5 UK Mummy Influencers

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