Onegevity Health, LLC, a New York City-based health technology company focused on biometric data, artificial intelligence and personalized wellness, has acquired the global licensing rights to Mount Sinai's Lab100, a clinic and research lab that uses precision diagnostics to empower patients and help scientists advance our understanding of human health.

The lab combines advanced medical diagnostic screening tools, digital applications and data science to provide patients with the most comprehensive health report currently available, while giving scientists a more sophisticated understanding of the biomarkers, behavior patterns and other keys to preventing disease.

Lab100 has created an exciting opportunity for patients, providers, researchers and innovators to come together to develop the next generation of healthcare, says Paul Jacobson, chief executive officer of Onegevity and Thorne, a health and technology company that provides supplements and at-home biomarker tests. Onegevity, in conjunction with other partners, plans to bring Lab100 to more people and communities in the coming months and years. We are looking forward to partnering with innovators and improving our healthcare system by preventing disease to produce lower costs and better outcomes for all.

Lab100, currently available at The Mount Sinai Hospital's Upper East Side location in New York City, opened to the public in fall 2018 and has seen more than 400 patients to date. The lab is designed to support the transition in focus from sick-care to well-care - away from reacting to disease towards a more predictive model that empowers patients with personalized information needed to be proactive about maintaining health. Lab100 will continue to be available to patients at Mount Sinai.

Mount Sinai is dedicated to being at the forefront of precision health and the innovation of healthcare delivery, which is exactly what Lab100 represents, says Joel Dudley, PhD, director, Institute for Next Generation Healthcare at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and co-founder of Onegevity. I'm excited to see Lab100 expanded to other settings to drive innovation within the healthcare delivery system across the U.S.

Lab100 reflects Mount Sinai's commitment to innovation and to developing cutting-edge products and services for patients and communities, says Erik Lium, PhD, executive vice president of Mount Sinai Innovation Partners, the commercialization engine of Mount Sinai. As partners with Onegevity, we look forward to advancing Lab100 as a ground-breaking solution in healthcare and performance.

For patients and clinicians, Lab100 offers a highly personalized health experience. As part of the session, a trained clinician guides the patient through a personalized health assessment and consultation, including vital signs, blood chemistry, body composition, cognition, strength and balance, to provide the patient with a more complete picture of their health.

For researchers and innovators, these comprehensive health assessments translate to a wealth of data that could lead to breakthroughs in the science of health and innovative new healthcare practices. Researchers can use this data to uncover trends and population health considerations that could lead to earlier identification of disease and more actionable outcomes.

Onegevity is excited to announce extensions of Lab100 over the next couple of months. For more information on Lab100, please visit

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