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Oxford Summer School for Adults

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Oxford Summer School for Adults

London, Nov 12: Oxford has been home to some of the greatest minds the world has ever seen. It has been preparing students and graduates for their professional lives and nurturing them for over 900 years now.

Choosing Oxford could prove to be one of the best places to test your skills and academics and get the world's finest educational.

However, if you want in-depth info, you should visit So, let's get an overview of the summer schools for adults offered at Oxford.

1. Duration
Basically, during the summers, there are four sessions for the summer courses. In a nutshell, they start from the 13th of July to the 10th of August, during each session open for enrollments for about a week.

2. Are The Programs Really Worth It?
People might be wondering why should they spend all their money and are out finding reasons for their investment. So, let's look at some core features that you will be provided with while being enrolled.

I. Developing new and rare skills not offered by regular schools back home.
II. Have access to all the campus facilities, including the IT and library, to help with your academics.
III. Participate in events and attend guest lectures.
IV. Interact with a diverse student body and make new connections.
V. Gain experience of studying at the university level.
VI. Getting taught by teachers with proven excellence.
VII. Enjoy a friendly and highly intellectual environment.

3. Coursework
First off, before getting started with the stuff you will be credited for, there is a pre-course assignment where you will be required to complete around 1000 words. This is mandatory and is usually the first thing on your calendar when you reach there.

Students will be taught during their stay by group seminars, which will be 12 per week plus individual tutoring that is 2 per week. Moreover, personal research is also encouraged, and the extensive library is available for such purposes.

You will be assessed throughout your career by essays that will typically be ranging from 1000 to 1500 words. Or you might have to do some presentations, nevertheless, supported by your individual documentation.

4. Fees
The tuition fee is not the same for all courses and might differ, so it's better not to give you a rough idea here although the charges come inclusive of meals and other stuff.

5. Applications
As there is a lot of demand, it is recommended to submit your application by the end of February, or there is a chance that the seats would get filled, leaving you out. However, they are accepted till the start of May, and you can apply till then and get in if you are lucky enough. Prospectus can be found by navigating to the relevant course and apply online by paying fully for it in advance.

6. Language Requirements
In case of English not being the first language, the candidate should have passed some English proficiency exam recognized by the university like IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge's certificate, all of which should not be older than two years. Foreign students may also have to face several other issues.

Here are a few tips to help students who wish to study abroad.

Oxford Summer School for Adults

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