Therap Announces Enhancements To Employment Tracking Tool

WATERBURY, Conn: Therap's Employment History tool now features an enhanced interface and additional options available to employment agencies and supported employment services providers.

The intellectual and developmental disability software's Employment History module provides agencies with comprehensive information on individualized employment supports, linked to service authorizations and enhanced by measurable outcomes reporting.

Staff including Job Coaches and Supported Employment Specialists can document employment services, assistance in tasks or supports in real-time. Employment Specialists can record detailed work skill assessments and any related accomplishments that the individual has made throughout their work or volunteer/training experience, including milestones, outcomes, training/coaching assistance, and any relevant or ancillary skills.

Job coaches have access to accurate information, universally available to the team on a consistent basis, while they can focus on the individuals within their caseload assigned.

With the new update, the Therap user experience gets and upgrade to reflect other modules within the system, with a simple and intuitive design that is device responsive. The new design maintains functionality and reduces or streamlines the steps needed to complete a given task or search information. For better efficiency, the new interface responds to clicks anywhere within designated sections of the form, rather than specific links to be located/enlarged on mobile devices. To give the Employment Specialist better analysis tools, additional options have been added to jobs and contacts, including displaying phone numbers within initial search results and exportable to Excel. Additionally, users now have greater flexibility in displaying reports and may select which section of the Employment History they wish to display on the Employment History report. This option collapses unused or irrelevant sections if the service recipient's employment services do not require that information.
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Therap Announces Enhancements To Employment Tracking Tool