Flutura Launches the Industries' First Video Analytics Module

HOUSTON: Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics, an industrial artificial intelligence (AI) product company focused on impacting business outcomes in the oil and gas, specialty chemicals and OEM industries, announced the launch of the Video Analytics module in the Cerebra platform, an exclusive feature that integrates vision anomalies with sensor anomalies which is first-of-its-kind across all analytics platforms.

Cerebra Video Analytics is a central safety monitoring system that uses video feed of CCTVs to detect the safety violations being occurred within an industrial plant environment. The key features of the module are;

Hard hat violation detection
Detection of Welding defects in X-Ray images
Restricted zone violations for unknown objects or persons
Real-time object detection

Flutura's video analytics module is the only framework capable of Integrating asset monitoring and diagnostics with plant safety violations, to create an eagle's view for the supervisors that will help in diagnosing asset downtime.

Flutura is a proud member of the Intel AI Builders program, which has been instrumental in the successful release of this module. The program has provided technical resources and support for optimizing Flutura's training and inference workloads, to ensure they run most efficiently and with the desired accuracy on Intel architecture. This Video Analytics module is a game-changing feature because it improves the quality of the product as well as the production rate of the plant. Many industries would become a safer environment for workers and better production entities due to lesser downtime.
(PRN | 7 months ago)

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Flutura Launches the Industries' First Video Analytics Module