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New Art, By Chris Tiboise: FRENCH MACAROONS

NEW YORK: Urban Street artist, Chris Tiboise is set to unveil his latest addition to the URBAN GARBAGE DESIGN PROJECT... FRENCH MACAROONS.

Chris describes his latest venture, Like the greatest pastry chefs, I'm dipping my toes into the already very competitive macaroon market by offering sculptures in the image of the now famously colorful and trendy Parisian cake. I've invented my own recipes, conceptualizing new flavors, offering subtle color mixes matching the themes I want to address. These creations are no longer a sweet delicacy that is tasted but becomes an object of art that is devoured visually as a perfect illusion.

However, it is not a question of creating realistic macaroons, as these sculptures go beyond representations. So, if the viewer feels a sudden craving, they will know that there certainly will not be enough for everybody. Because each piece of art is unique, its creator does not delegate any of the steps in the creative process. It's his way of bringing back from the past the healthier ideology than the one imposed by certain values of the current art market.

Arming a 3D printer to develop his sculptures was out of the question. His work begins with the realization of a plaster master by hand the traditional way before skillfully assembling complex elements to form and compose the finished work in resin. This composite material is used in often questionable achievements but resumes its rights when in the hands of this iconoclastic artist on a mission to give back to the material a creative legitimacy, as the pioneers of the genre did in their time.

Upon starting this project, he did not hesitate to consult with the legendary pastry chef, Pierre Herme about his creative process. The stringent culinary constraints, precision, and choices involved in the creation of edible macaroons are no less important when it comes to sculpting. Tiboise goes on to say, The good taste in art is the decisive element, my creations are not lacking in flavors even if tasting them is strongly discouraged they are to be devoured by your eyes only, but without moderation.

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New Art, By Chris Tiboise: FRENCH MACAROONS

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