Can Philadelphia Meet Boardroom Gender Equity Goals by 2020?

PHILADELPHIA: The Forum of Executive Women released the Women in Leadership 2019 report at its Leadership Breakfast in Philadelphia, attended by 700 of the region's top leaders.

Now in its 18th year, the report is a collaborative effort between The Forum of Executive Women and PwC.

The annual status report on women leaders in corporate boardrooms, executive suites and elected offices examines the question Are companies in our region doing enough to support the advancement of women as leaders? Based on data from the region's top 100 public companies, by 2018 revenue, subject to SEC regulations as published in the Philadelphia Business Journal July 2019 rankings.* Full report at https//

The results paint a picture similar to the national landscape, illustrating that while momentum is growing for female representation at the board level, the pace remains slow, says Lisa Detwiler, President of The Forum and Managing Director, FS Investment Solutions, LLC. The data serves as an urgent reminder that we must accelerate the pace of positive change, especially for gender parity at executive levels and for top earners.

Our intent is to educate the public, stimulate thought-provoking discussion, and compel people to action to increase the number of women in leadership roles throughout the region, says Deanna Byrne, Office Managing Partner, PwC Philadelphia.

Board Members

18% of 893 board seats were held by women (up from 17% in 2017)
39% of board openings went to women
17 of the top 100 regional public companies were recognized as Champions of Board Diversity for having 30% or more women on their boards (up from 12 companies in 2017)

*SEC data available for 99 of top 100 companies.

Executive Leadership and Top Earners

42 companies operate with all-male executive teams
58 companies have no female top earners
96 companies operate with male CEOs

Women Elected to Public Office for PA, DE and NJ

No regional women serve in the US Senate
US House of Representatives - 22% of PA seats are held by women
Approximately 25% of State Senate seats are held by women in PA, DE and NJ
State House of Representatives - 27% (PA), 24% (DE), and 34% (NJ) of seats are held by women.

The Forum of Executive Women provides resources including Take Action Create a Culture that Supports Gender Equity, which offers actionable items for individuals and companies to adopt best practices and effect positive change.
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Can Philadelphia Meet Boardroom Gender Equity Goals by 2020?