Ember Introduces the Next Generation of Temperature Control Smart Mugs

LOS ANGELES: Ember, the design-led temperature control brand, announces the launch of Ember Travel Mug2 and Ember Mug2 - debuting today.

Building on Ember's award-winning temperature control technology, the next generation of Ember Mugs have been completely re-engineered. With several new features, as well as up to 50% longer battery life, Ember will prolong the perfection of your favorite hot beverage through all of life's interruptions.

In a world where technology seems to take up more and more of our time, Ember is a piece of tech that is actually working to give you time back, said Clay Alexander, Founder and CEO of Ember. With our second generation of Ember Mugs, we wanted to focus on giving everyone more time to enjoy their favorite hot beverage at the perfect drinking temperature.

Using patented temperature-control technology, Ember maintains coffee or tea at the user's preferred drinking temperature (between 120°F - 145°F). Ember's second generation utilizes the latest advancements in battery technology, allowing people to enjoy their hot beverage for up to 3 hours with Ember Travel Mug2, 1.5 hours with the 10 oz Ember Mug2 or 80 minutes with the 14 oz Ember Mug2*. Paired with the new redesigned charging coaster, Ember will stay charged for all day use.

When we started developing the next generation of Ember, we wanted to include new technology that streamlines the user experience and better suits people's real life needs, continued Alexander. Using the most advanced battery technology on the market we were able to increase battery life for most of our products by 50%, helping to fuel people throughout their day.

In addition to longer battery life, Ember Travel Mug2 features a new hidden-until-lit touch display that replaces the rotating dial at the base of the mug. Tap the Ember logo, and the new menu display illuminates for on-the-go temperature customization. Users can adjust the temperature directly on the mug by tapping the plus or minus symbols, as well as view battery life, temperature levels, and their personalized name. Ember Travel Mug2 is also 15% lighter than the previous iteration, making it the ideal travel companion.

Ember's technology is core to the product, but will not take away from the simple act of enjoying the perfect cup of coffee or tea. Ember integrates seamlessly into daily life by remembering your last desired temperature, allowing the mug to be used without opening the app each time. Both Ember Travel Mug2 and Ember Mug2 feature an auto sleep function which intelligently wakes up when hot liquid is poured in and enters sleep mode when not in use.

All Ember smart mugs also connect to the Ember mobile app to remotely control all the features and settings, such as setting the temperature, creating presets and tracking caffeine intake - making it the most sophisticated heated mug on the market.

The new generation of Ember Mugs retail between $99.95 - $179.95 and are available on ember.com.
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Ember Introduces the Next Generation of Temperature Control Smart Mugs