Law Firms Improve Marketing Response Rates with Vanity Phone Numbers

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y: RingBoost, the nation's largest custom phone number marketplace, analyzed 12 months of local phone numbers purchased through their online portal in the 2019 Phone Number Relevancy Report and law firms are one of the top industries that purchase custom phone numbers.

RingBoost has now released a legal phone number infographic diving deeper into the buying patterns in the legal sector.

According to the American Bar Association, there are 1.3 million practicing lawyers in the U.S. and more than two-thirds are in private law firms with ten or fewer attorneys. When you factor in that most consumers don't need legal help until they experience some kind of life event, it's clear why law firms look for every opportunity they can to stand out and increase inbound inquiries. Savvy law firms choose custom phone numbers to improve brand awareness, increase marketing response rates, and connect with more prospective clients.

Highlights from the legal phone number report

68% of law firms securing a custom number select an easy-dial pattern.
1 out of 10 numbers contain exhausted area codes such as 212 (New York City) and 305 (Miami).
The most common subsector for vanity phrases is personal injury attorneys, with variations on the word HURT or INJURY.
The median price for numbers sold to law firms was $425, with a range of $99 to over $10,000.

Mainetti & Mainetti PC is a RingBoost client who works hard to keep inbound volume up. People are curious if they have a case, and a phone call is the most efficient way to figure it out, states Michael Mainetti. If we can spend a few minutes on the phone, we can sort out the details and ask questions. A phone call allows us to compassionately advise clients of their options.

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Law Firms Improve Marketing Response Rates with Vanity Phone Numbers