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Punjab DGP sees conspiracy in campaign against him; warns of legal action

Jul 20, 2018 (10 months ago) |
Chandigarh, July 19 : Under a sustained attack from the opposition, top police officials and other quarters over his shielding a certain controversial police officers, Punjab Police chief Suresh Arora on Thursday said that there was a "spiteful conspiracy" against him and other top brass of the force to erode the credibility and morale of the state police.
"During my career spanning 36 years, I have not supported any police officer involved in any criminal or corrupt activity," he told media here, breaking his silence over the controversy around him.

To counter the "vile and vicious attack" on his integrity, the Director General of Police (DGP) said that he would explore all legal options to expose the conspiracy in this matter.

Asked specifically about former Moga Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Raj Jit Singh, Arora said he had never worked with the officer and denying that Raj Jit Singh was his "blue-eyed boy", made it clear that if the officer was found to be involved in any criminal activity, he would have to face the consequences under the law.

The former Moga SSP has been charged by police officers of having close links with drugs mafia in the state.

Arora said that the state government had a "zero-tolerance policy" on drugs and other heinous crimes.

"It (policy) would not be compromised under any circumstances. In an 80,000-strong force, one cannot rule out that there are no black sheep," he said.

"My integrity and hard work of over 35 years is being brought under a cloud by certain vested interests perhaps for personal gains as well as other ulterior motives. I want to tell those people that I will do whatever is required to strongly defend my name and reputation and also that of my force, and I would explore all legal options in this regard," the DGP asserted.

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Punjab DGP sees conspiracy in campaign against him; warns of legal action

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