Good Earth's ode to the Indian threads

New Delhi, Oct 22 : Pivoted around the serene river Indus that binds together the Indian subcontinent, a collection by Good Earth celebrated history through the unique lens of fashion and textiles.

It was celebrating 10 years of its clothing label 'Sustain' by hosting its first independent fashion presentation 'Sindhu' presented at IGNCA, the story of our heritage through an immersive journey down the river Indus.

It marked the coming together of Good Earth's entire design team through a collection of 72 ensembles including its first Menswear collection.

The pivotal craft of the collection is Ajrak, a time-honoured craft of the communities of Kutch, that has been explored in new, contemporary prints iamp; patterns recreated in different mediums such as the Fostat Brocade, a 15th century, hand-blocked Ajrakh pattern originally from Gujarat, but found in Fustat Egypt, which has been reinterpreted in silk brocade by the master weavers of Varanasi.

The second leitmotif that ties the collection is Ajrakh Mingora, named after a region in Swat valley, which is a signature pattern of clouds, lotuses, dots, and fish scales created in traditional hand-blocked Ajrakh in natural dyes.

Besides Ajrak, Sindhu showcased the richness of crafts from across the country - traditional Mashru from Bhuj along with lighter, cotton silk stripes in bright jewel tones handwoven in Benaras, Bandhini tie-and-dye with highlights of the painstaking rai-dana variety from Bhuj, and the folk Chaand (crescent Moon) motif from Bikaner, Punjabi Phulkari, Sindhi taanka (embroidery), Rabari mirrorwork, folk beading, varq, leheriya and hand-block prints.

Just as the Indus Valley Civilization saw an amalgamation of styles from across borders, regions, and cultures, Sindhu presented a multitude of traditional iamp; contemporary silhouettes.

Select styles of the Sindhu collection will launch at Good Earth Khan market on October 24.

(IANS | 9 months ago)

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Good Earth's ode to the Indian threads