Sara Stapleton Barrera Bringing a Fresh Voice to Texas District 27 Senate Primary

SAN BENITO, Texas: Lawyer, mother of three young children, and human rights and Women's rights advocate Sara Stapleton Barrera has announced that she is entering the Democratic primary for Texas Senate District 27 in 2020.

The people of District 27 deserve better representation in the Senate in Austin, says Sara. Someone needs to be there for all the people and lead on important issues like climate change, education, water quality and healthcare. A fresh voice like mine is needed.

A recent Texas Observer article noted that during his 30 years in the senate, Lucio [Senator Eddie Lucio Jr.] has too often used his role to punch down. His political rise depended on siding with employers and insurance companies during the decades-long right-wing movement known as tort reform. And he's always been staunchly opposed to LGBTQ rights and women's reproductive freedom.

Sara is a constitutional lawyer who has the experience and training to see through government mind games and seek real reform. She is more highly educated than either of her two opponents.

I vow to defend the human rights of women, children, and the LGBTQ community. I want to address climate change with more development of solar farms and wind energy, Sara says. I want to cap insulin co pay costs at $100 and ensure that education is a top priority by reinvesting in our children.

We also need to cut the waste that consumes our tax dollars. One of my targets is closing the loopholes that allow elected officials to get rich off our tax dollars or their positions.

If she wins the Democratic primary and is elected, Sara will become the first woman to be ever elected to the Texas Senate from District 27.

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Sara Stapleton Barrera Bringing a Fresh Voice to Texas District 27 Senate Primary