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Simplify GroupWise eDiscovery with an Archiving Solution Urges Email Expert

HOBOKEN, N.J: Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and email migration services provider, discusses how to simplify GroupWise eDiscovery with a third-party archiving system in a new article on the Messaging Architects website.

The informative article describes the limitations of GroupWise eDiscovery, including the lack of data integrity reporting and a cumbersome retention process. In addition, the benefits of adding a third-party archiving system to GroupWise are presented.

Eventually, you will exhaust the creative capacity of your staff in finding ways around GroupWise limitations, stated Ross Phillips, Solutions Architect at Messaging Architects.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, Simplify GroupWise eDiscovery with an Archiving Solution.

Suppose a court order demands that you gather a wide range of data in PST format to enter as evidence. GroupWise does not support PST. Furthermore, because GroupWise offers limited search capabilities, administrators will have to access each affected mailbox individually. The request can quickly prove overwhelming.

Limitations of GroupWise eDiscovery

The chain of custody documents the history of the data since its collection. This documentation is essential in authenticating data used as evidence. However, GroupWise offers no auditing to provide a chain of custody or establish data integrity.

Partner with GroupWise Experts

More than ever, organizations need to be able to quickly respond to eDiscovery requests. While GroupWise eDiscovery alone presents almost insurmountable difficulties, a third-party archiving system supplies the features they need.

The consultants at Messaging Architects bring deep expertise with GroupWise and information governance. As NetGovern partners, they have the tools necessary to automate compliance solutions. They will expertly assist with ensuring data integrity and achieving optimum system performance.

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Simplify GroupWise eDiscovery with an Archiving Solution Urges Email Expert

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