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Punjab to cap tenure of lower police officials

Jul 18, 2018 (10 months ago) |
Punjab to cap tenure of lower police officials

Chandigarh, July 18 : To break the alleged nexus among lower rank officials and bring transparency in their functioning, Punjab Police decided to cap the tenure of middle and lower rung police officials in the state.
The tenure of a station house officer (SHO) and 'munshi' at a police station has been capped to a maximum of three years, and that of constables and head constables to five years, a Punjab government spokesman, quoting directives from Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, said on Wednesday.

"It has also been decided, under a new transfer policy, that no SHO incharge of a police station shall be posted in his home subdivision," a police spokesman said.

The Chief Minister has taken serious note of complaints of nexus between criminals and lower rung of police officers and had ordered DGP Suresh Arora to come out with the new policy to curtail long tenures in plum field postings, the spokesman said.

New guidelines have been issued on police officials remaining in a particular area after registration of cases against them.

"Under the new policy, the minimum tenure of a SHO incharge of a police station shall be one year, which can be extended up to three years," the spokesman said.

The Punjab government is under pressure to control the nexus of police officers and officials, especially at the middle and lower rung, with drugs mafia in the state.

In some cases, even senior police officers have been accused of having close links to the drugs mafia operating in the state.

Punjab is facing rampant drug abuse, especially among youth and rural population.

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Punjab to cap tenure of lower police officials

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