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NewLeaf Symbiotics Named Company of the Year by Startup City

ST. LOUIS: Startup City has named NewLeaf Symbiotics (NewLeaf) Company of the Year among the 15 Most Promising AgTech Startups 2019.

The list features companies that are at the forefront of the latest technological innovations addressing today's agricultural challenges.

We're honored to be included on this year's list of most promising AgTech Startups and recognized as Company of the Year, said Tom Laurita, president and CEO at NewLeaf, a company dedicated to sustainable agriculture and singularly focused on the naturally occurring microbes known as M-trophs. Our recently announced collaboration with Joyn Bio and this recognition from Startup City further confirms what we already believe - that we are on the right path in developing a plant microbiome technology platform that will transform agriculture. Products based on M-trophs empower farmers to naturally improve crop quality and yield while realizing a high ROI.

NewLeaf's Terrasym products deliver benefits throughout the growing season with no energy cost to the plant. Years of field trials have shown that when M-troph-based products are added to seeds or in-furrow, plants grow faster and with more vigor, are hardier, and generate higher yields. With over 90 patents filed or granted and 17 patent families, NewLeaf owns the world's largest M-troph library of proprietary, highly characterized strains, and has launched products designed for corn, soybeans and peanuts as part of its Terrasym product line. For more information, read NewLeaf's feature in Startup City.

We are glad to recognize NewLeaf Symbiotics as one of the 15 Most Promising AgTech Startups - 2019 and our Company of the Year, said Kenneth Thomas, managing editor of Startup City. By pursuing a unique strategy solely focusing on the development of beneficial plant microbes known as M-trophs, the firm is helping improve plant health, promote early growth, and increase crop yield.

15 Most Promising AgTech Startups, is an annual listing of ground-breaking startups that are making a big mark in the agriculture industry by introducing innovative technologies set to make a step change in the way food is produced. A full list of this year's top startups is available online.

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NewLeaf Symbiotics Named Company of the Year by Startup City

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