AIIMS finally admits contribution of Japanese doctor in separation of craniopagus twins

New Delhi , Oct 11 : The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has finally accepted the significant contribution of renowned Japanese doctor- Dr Takizawa, who was called upon by institute administration to help assist doctors here for the separation of conjoined twins- Jagga and Baila, who were born with fused brain and skull, a condition which is called craniopagus twins.

The twins got admitted at AIIMS on July 14, 2017 following which slew of mammoth head separation surgery started at AIIMS.

The Union Health Ministry had sought a detailed report from AIIMS over the contribution of Japanese doctor post uncoupling of the craniopagus twins and two-year stay at AIIMS.

A report which was accessed by ANI, stated "The report highlights his (Dr Takizawa) work and is acknowledging of the work that he had done during the first surgery which was conducted on August 28, 2017. He was, however, not present during the second surgery where the final head separation of the twins was done."

Dr Takizawa was called upon by AIIMS, after his renowned contribution in performing venous anastomosis, which only a few surgeons across the world can do.

"The total duration of the 1st surgery was 25 hours which included 5 hours of induction time. The two children were given Anesthesia at 0445 am. Then incision was made at 1055 am big plastic surgery and neurosurgery team together," mentioned the report.

"Dr Takizawa scrubbed for surgery around 1 pm and remained scrubbed for 12 hours (1 pm to 1 am) approximate of which 8 hours (479 minutes) were spent by him on venous bypass," stated the report.

Post uncoupling of the craniopagus twins and two years stay at AIIMS, the twins left for their home town in Odisha on September 6.

Doctors say that craniopagus is a very rare situation. Only 2.5 per cent of co-joint twins are craniopagus across the world, out of which only 50 per cent of them take birth. Twenty-five per cent of such children who take birth die within 24 hours.

Presently, twins are seeking to follow medical treatment at SCB Cuttack Medical College in Odisha. The twins have to wear customized helmets. According to AIIMS doctors, kids do not have any life-threatening condition and are accepting a normal diet.

"However, Balia, still needs long term rehabilitation care and requires nurture and tender loving care in his activities and feeds," said a doctor.

(ANI | 8 months ago)

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AIIMS finally admits contribution of Japanese doctor in separation of craniopagus twins