EdTech Firm pi-top Secures USD 4m of New Investment

LONDON: Leading coding and robotics learning company, pi-top, has successfully closed a funding round that sees USD 4m of new investment into the company.

This substantial investment was raised following the recent appointment of their new Executive Chairman Stanley Buchesky, marking a new strategy for the company along with a revised organisational structure.

pi-top's future strategy includes

Successfully launching the pi-top [4] platform - From November pi-top will be shipping the new game-changing, programmable computing device, pi-top [4]. Combining physical computing and project-based learning educators, students, and inventors will be able to design, code and invent with pi-top [4] in one easy-to-use system.
Increasing investment in software development - Further, pi-top's new SaaS-based learning platform, is designed to support project-based learning to teach computer science. It provides hands-on projects, mapped to learning standards with integrated assessment capability. Embedded coding windows directly power programmable devices like pi-top [4] and enables students to power and test the projects they build with the code that they write. This deeper level of learning equips students with real-world technology skills and prepares them for high growth careers.
Renewing our focus on core markets - In the coming year pi-top will be refocusing on our core markets, particularly in US education, to ensure that we continue to deliver market-leading products and services.

Jesse Lozano, pi-top's CEO and co-founder said It's been great to welcome Stanley to the pi-top team and to have him spearhead this round of funding. He has played an instrumental role in helping us to realign our business focus so that we are better positioned to understand and meet the needs of our global community of customers.

Jesse continued The future strategic direction for pi-top lies very much in us continuing to deliver world-class teaching solutions that get students around the world learning by making and equipping them with the right skills to get the jobs of tomorrow.

Stanley Buchesky commented I'm delighted to join pi-top at such an important stage of growth. With the imminent release of pi-top [4] this November, investors were very supportive of the new strategy. The fact that this bridge round was oversubscribed is a testament to the strength of pi-top and our future as an education technology company.

Founded in 2014, pi-top is company based on the simple idea that a 'maker-mindset' is essential to develop the skills we all need to be future ready. Click here for more information on pi-top.
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EdTech Firm pi-top Secures USD 4m of New Investment