Real Oud Factory Starts Production in Dubai

DUBAI, UAE: To some, another Oud product manufacturer opening in Dubai may seem like nothing special or newsworthy when you consider the 100s of factories, brands and producers but the Real Oud Factory LLC is something very different as it's the first and only manufacturer in the GCC which guarantees the source of all its Oud is not only 100pc real but fully natural, sustainable and traceable to source.

It is backed up by CITES on all its products from its own managed farms, distilleries and centuries old plantations in South East Asia, which brings a level of purity and quality very few others can match.

A bold claim in a multi billion-dollar industry rife with fake and glittering products masquerading as OUD, the Real Oud Factory is backed by luxury real Oud perfume brand Fragrance Du Bois, which is owned by Fragrance Holdings. Fragrance Du Bois has fast built up a solid reputation in the world of haute perfumery as a leading luxury brand with its motto Pure Oud, Pure Luxury, Born in Nature, Crafted in France. Working with the world's leading perfumers and noses and available in the finest perfume retailers, as well as it's own boutiques around the world, making it one of the fastest growing and most sought after perfume brands in the market today.

It's these facts that have tempted a myriad of Oud industry veterans, artisans and experts led by Shadi Samra, well known in the GCC perfume industry as a committee member of the Fragrance Foundation, FIFI awards panel member and the former GM for 18 years of one of the largest companies in the industry, to join this relatively new company based in International City, Dubai.

I was looking for a new challenge and brand that can take the story of real Oud and its luxurious and amazing heritage to the four corners of the globe. Having discovered Fragrance Du Bois and experienced the quality and passion behind the brand and its amazing perfumes, I was intrigued when one of my close friends who has been with the brand from the start told me they were establishing a state of the art factory to focus on supplying real Oud raw materials, oils and finished products to the industry, I simply had to find out more! says Samra.

The factory will be producing from its own exclusive sustainable supply of natural and real oud Bakhoors, Mamools, Mabtoth and Attars using artisan methods combined with the latest production lines alongside its proprietary super refined natural and pure Oud oils as well as special blends for use in perfume creation.

Shadi added, The Real Oud Factory is the culmination of almost a decade of R & D by Fragrance Du Bois and a multimillion-dollar strategic investment in the future of the Real Oud and perfume industry by its owners at Fragrance Holdings that doesn't just stop in Dubai , we are already finalising locations in Grasse the historic capital of the Perfume world for our R and D and Innovation centre which will focus on our on-going product development for Fragrance Du Bois and European wide distribution for our products with a focus on the fast growing African , Russian and CIS markets for Oud products . I have taken the challenge and look forward to our journey.
(PRN | 8 months ago)

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Real Oud Factory Starts Production in Dubai