The Vibrant Body Company Launches World's First Clean Bra

MILWAUKEE: The Vibrant Body Company introduces the world's first clean bra designed specifically for women's breast health, wellness and comfort.

The Vibrant launch coincides with October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - perfect timing to celebrate women's health.

When it comes to intimates, women's health and wellness have been ignored for far too long, according to Vibrant Founder and CEO Michael Drescher. Every aspect of the Vibrant Bra is intentional and made with a women's body in mind, said Drescher. When a woman says, 'my bra is killing me,' she usually means her bra is annoyingly uncomfortable. The irony is that the underwire and chemicals in her bra may actually be affecting her health and well-being. We took this to heart when we designed our bra.

The Vibrant Bra is extraordinarily comfortable and is free of potentially harmful chemicals and dyes, but we didn't stop there, said Heidi Lehmann, Vibrant's master designer and one of the world's foremost intimate apparel designers. We wanted a bra that gives women an amazing shape and lift, creating a sexy glow of self-confidence for our customers.

The Vibrant Bra was launched after seven years of research and prototyping by the top three global designers from lingerie companies Triumph, Soma and Vassarette. It has earned Vibrant a 20-year Utility Patent in the United States and EU, written and presented by Dr. Rashida Karmali, MBA, JD and renowned former Memorial Sloan Kettering PhD of Microbiology.

What Makes The Vibrant Bra Clean?

In researching materials to use in its new bra, Vibrant's senior design team looked to the cosmetics industry, which has been leading the way in educating women on the importance of eliminating harmful toxins. The company chose to use fabrics that meet or exceed European standards and are certified not to contain any potentially harmful levels of chemicals such as formaldehyde, artificial flame retardants, herbicides (such as glyphosate), chlorine bleach and various heavy metals.

Fabrics that contain these chemicals - while legal in the U.S. - are banned in Europe and in most civilized nations. And although these toxins are found in many garments, we made sure through our development process that they would not show up in our intimates, Drescher said. The Vibrant product line is OEKO TEX-certified, meaning the products meet or exceed established European standards that have banned harmful levels of more than 1,300 chemicals and compounds from touching the skin. In the U.S., fewer than 50 of these chemicals have been banned.

The company encourages women to check their bras against its Dirty Laundry List - the five most commonly used chemicals in the production of traditional intimates and clothing. The list is found at https//

Why No Wires? Because Breasts Are Meant To Move
A primary benefit of the Vibrant Bra is that it contains no wires. According to Dr. Karmali, Putting wires in a bra is not only uncomfortable, but many studies show compromising the lymphatic system anywhere on the body for excessive periods of time is unhealthy. Our innovative patented cup provides special side support, which combined with the overall construction, actually promotes circulation rather than restricts it. We strive to activate a woman's body, not restrict it. Over and over again, women tell us it's the most comfortable bra they have ever worn.

Vibrant to Donate Percentage of Sales to Breast Cancer Alliance
As part of its commitment to women's health and well-being, the Vibrant Body Company is contributing 5% of all net sales of bras Oct. 1 - Dec. 31 to the Breast Cancer Alliance. The non-profit works to improve survival rates and quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer through better prevention, early detection, treatment and cures by investing in innovative research, breast surgery fellowships, regional education, dignified support and screening for the underserved.

Yonni Wattenmaker, Executive Director of the Breast Cancer Alliance, said, Vibrant's commitment to women's health, both in the way it designs and manufactures the garments, and with the financial gifts to the Breast Cancer Alliance, which will help improve outcomes for breast cancer, are so admirable. We are grateful to be able to use these funds to help advance breast cancer research.
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The Vibrant Body Company Launches World's First Clean Bra