Architecture Design Collaborative Talks Experiential Design of Interior Spaces

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif: In the Oasis, plants and louvers act as screens, separating spaces from each other and from the larger areas of the mall, creating peaceful microcosms for the mall's patrons to rest and relax.

The individual spaces ebb and flow into each other, creating a harmonious river of localized spaces.


Inspired by luxury hospitality, Serenity fuses lounges, retail kiosks, communal workspaces and cafe style elements to bring a curated exclusive experience to the retail environment. Serenity delivers levels of transparency and privacy to allow for the user's choice of experience. The lounges are treated as semi-private branches with soft seating and specialty lighting. Communal workspaces are incorporated to attract the entrepreneur user and increase dwell time. The Kiosks are blended into the assortment for better tenant visibility and incorporation.


Encapsulated within the larger volume, experiences are brought to a human scale with the amenities and comforts of home. The user creates a moment within the enclave, tailored to the individual. The environment is fluid and ever changing. It is retail, social, and private all at once. Luxurious moments disbursed throughout a space. Moments of respite amongst the bustling surroundings in an exclusive environment. This creates comforting experiences and spaces for reflection and relaxation as well as moments for the user to socialize and influence.


The Canopy approaches the treatment of space creation by defining the concept of a 'box' in a softer tree-like to attract people to linger at the corporate lounge seating below. Elegant lighting and seating types create coves and a dynamic use of the lounge.


Modern design methods rely on the understanding of nature as a process and principals of biological structures. As a result, bionic design elements play a role in shaping architecture. The Voronoi diagram exists as concept, but also as a shape. As a design concept, this organic shape playfully frames the essential components of retail design comfort, interest, refreshment.

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Architecture Design Collaborative Talks Experiential Design of Interior Spaces