DiversityStars.com releases the TOP50 Most Influential Diversity Stars for 2019

LOS ANGELES: DiversityStars.com's editorial team has selected 50 leaders who have demonstrated that they are among the most influential Chiefs of Diversity and Inclusion of 2019.

These leaders are paving the way for the future of diversity and inclusion. Between fostering innovation and learning to properly monitor — and model — their efforts, they have successfully implemented diversity and inclusion efforts that will have global relevance.

It wasn't so long ago when Diversity & Inclusion was viewed as a sort of a novelty issue - companies understood that having a team dedicated to these issues was a good thing to have, but not totally necessary to the bottom line. Interestingly, that ideology has transformed over the past few years, as more and more data is showing that diversity and inclusion is actually correlated to value creation and a company's profitability. Also, it's now common knowledge that a strong diversity and inclusion strategy can help organizations attract top talent and drive innovative results.

Our Co-Founder is a gay man who lives with a mental disability, although he refuses to allow this disability to define him. Having dealt with diversity challenges his whole career, he decided to launch DiversityStars.com in order to amplify the efforts of Diversity and Inclusion leaders who evangelize a corporate culture where everyone has a voice and is respected. Throughout my entire career in the Tech industry, I have had to face diversity challenges. I often felt as if my sexual orientation and disability hampered my ability to advance my career and left me without opportunities to be mentored by my previous managers, said Christian Monk, Co-Founder & CMO at DiversityStars. I founded DiversityStars.com in order to put exemplary leaders of D&I Management in the spotlight, giving them a platform where they can inspire future leaders.

Watch out for our TOP50 CEOs Driving Diversity and TOP100 Brands for Diversity accolades. They will be both be announced by mid September. If you are an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion, we would love to hear from you. Connect with us on our brand new social accounts, you can now follow DiversityStars.com on Twitter and Instagram. Our followers will get access to exclusive D&I Management related content, access to research polls, invites to industry events and advice from Diversity and Inclusion thought leaders.
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DiversityStars.com releases the TOP50 Most Influential Diversity Stars for 2019