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Horror director Shyam Ramsay no more

Mumbai, Sep 18 : Filmmaker Shyam Ramsay, who made Bollywood horror a cult affair, died here on Wednesday. He was 67.

According to reports, he was suffering from pneumonia.

Shyam, as part of the Ramsay brothers, made films like "Veerana", "Purani Haveli" and "Andhera".

Ramsay brothers also consisted of Tulsi, Kumar, Keshu, Arjun, Gangu and Karan.

Apart from films, Shyam and Tulsi also gave the TV audience "Zee Horror Show".

Netizens have poured in RIP messages for the director.

"Rest in Peace #ShyamRamsay ji. You and your family's stories are inspirational, How your whole family come together to give Indian Cinema a new gener called "HORROR" it inspired so many industry people how to work on something, which genuinely believes in," one wrote.

Another went back to her childhood days and wrote "As a kid, I was always afraid of ghost and horror movies, while my sibling and cousin watched it without batting an eyelid."

Another wrote "The genre of #horror is as tough as making people laugh, the #RamsayBrothers did it with their own unique ways."

"RIP #ShyamRamsay. I still remember watching that zee horror show and how that scared the hell out of me."

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Horror director Shyam Ramsay no more

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