Fauna Introduces the Industry's First Managed Serverless Database Service

SAN FRANCISCO: Fauna, provider of the popular serverless cloud database FaunaDB, announced the general availability of FaunaDB Managed Serverless, a new service that gives SMEs and partners maximum flexibility in offering their developers the industry's leading serverless database without compromising the organization's needs for compliance and tailored infrastructure.

FaunaDB Managed Serverless delivers a customer-dedicated deployment of FaunaDB that is operated and maintained by Fauna on the customer's preferred cloud provider, backed by operational best practices designed to meet each company's requirements.

FaunaDB Managed Serverless is the industry's first managed cloud database offering that brings a serverless experience to businesses adopting the cloud. The service provides dedicated cloud resources to each deployment and is delivered through a configuration designed to meet each organization's unique application needs. Consequently, development teams can avail the power and flexibility of FaunaDB without compromising on the specific operational needs of the business.

As companies grapple with the limitations of legacy database systems, many are hesitant to move to the public cloud and take on the additional burden of managing and provisioning a cloud data management platform, said Evan Weaver, CEO of Fauna. We are breaking new ground in the industry by offering the first fully managed serverless service, and we now deliver the best of both worlds. Developers wanting a powerful data management component for cutting-edge app development can use FaunaDB, while companies wanting to avoid hands-on cloud configuration and maintenance can choose our managed serverless offering.

FaunaDB Managed Serverless Multi-cloud Support and Dynamic Capacity

FaunaDB Managed Serverless is a full-fledged data management solution without operational overhead. It features all of the capabilities of FaunaDB along with the operational controls desired by businesses. Such controls include

Enterprise-grade support and SLAs
Change data feed or stream
Query log auditing
Operational monitoring integration
Customer-defined local endpoints
Customer-defined data locality
Backup and restore tailored to meet compliance needs
Isolated environments as needed for development, testing and staging

Fauna's new managed serverless offering gives us flexibility and performance while addressing our specific business needs for compliance, said Prakash Janakiraman, Co-founder and Chief Architect of Nextdoor. We selected FaunaDB for its API flexibility and scalability, security and availability to support global use of our mobile app. We are now using the managed service for its flexible configuration options and capabilities such as multiple development environments, change data feed and query log auditing.

The new FaunaDB managed service currently supports AWS and GCP with support for Azure coming soon. Capacity is provisioned and priced on a monthly or annual basis, and the solution is backed by Fauna Customer Success Enterprise Support, giving users access to technical support and customer service.
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Fauna Introduces the Industry's First Managed Serverless Database Service