Here's how fans are reacting over the return of 'BTS' band

New Delhi , Sept 16 : The South Korean pop-giant 'BTS' who was away for a long hiatus, has announced their return on Monday, creating a buzz among the netizens.

Several followers of the famous boy band stormed the Internet with their reactions over the return of the band, making #BTSisback trending on the social media.

One of the users shared the picture of a member of the band from an award ceremony. "When you finally have a purpose cause BTS is back #BTSisBack," he wrote.'

Another excited user shared a GIF of the boy band and wrote, "wow wow wow! I just woke up and saw that BTS is back one of the best news in my life I swear #BTSisback so excited and and happy! and they all look so good and healthy tho omg my heart........"

"MISS THEM SOOOOO MUCH #BTSisBack," chimed third who shared a series of a collage of the famous band.

Giving a glimpse of the bandmates while arriving at the airport, a user wrote, "Good morning everyone! Whilst we were asleep, BTS official vacation has ended and they are heading overseas to film a reality show. Who else is excited that #BTSisBack."

The seven-member South Korean boy band comprising of V, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga went on its official vacation on Aug. 11 -- the first in its world-dominating six-year career.

During the break, the members often reached out to fans on their official social media accounts to report their activities.

#BTSArmy Aaahhhh they are back! #BTSisBack EYE - AHHHHHHHH @BTS_twt *unbothered*So cute hahha," wrote another fan with a boomerang video of one of the bandmates who can be seen yawning at the airport.

Sharing a group picture of the boy band who can be seen spending some leisure time together, a user wrote, "Yeaaaaaaaaah. My precious BTS is back. Hope to see them happier than before."

(ANI | 9 months ago)

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Here's how fans are reacting over the return of 'BTS' band