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Activist launches artificial bird-nesting project in Mangaluru

Mangaluru , Sept 16 : An artificial bird nesting project called 'Home Sweet Home' with an intention to provide nesting spaces for birds like sparrows has been launched on Monday by Mangaluru-based animal activist Tauseef Ahmed.

The artificial bird nesting project was conceived after Ahmed found few birds dead in electrical and AC boxes where they had built their nests, due to electrocution.

"It is a simple idea of PVC pipes being used where artificial nesting spaces have been created. Each unit has three nesting spaces almost like three compartments/three rooms for three nests," Ahmed said.

He added that the length of the pipe is 2.5 feet and internal width is 4 inches, big enough for sparrows, robins and even squirrels to nest in.

The units are waterproof, rainproof and dustproof. They have a life of about 25 plus years.

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Activist launches artificial bird-nesting project in Mangaluru

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