Investing Platform Mythic Markets Turns Your Geeky Hobbies Into Investment Opportunities

SAN FRANCISCO: Mythic Markets, the fractional investing platform for fans, has announced their first-ever public offering. Starting today, US-based investors can purchase shares of a mint-condition Alpha Black Lotus card from the popular Magic: The Gathering trading card game.

Valued at nearly six figures, the rare and highly coveted card will be available on the platform at only $45.00 per share.

By combining the nostalgia of childhood toys with the excitement of the stock market, Mythic Markets makes it easy and affordable to invest in pop culture collectibles. Many people don't realize that premium collectibles can outperform the stock market and real estate, said Joseph Mahavuthivanij, CEO of Mythic Markets. Fans and collectors, meanwhile, know their favorite asset classes intimately well -- but the most desirable items are often out of budget and out of reach. Mythic Markets gives them a way to engage deeper with the things they're passionate about.

The company recently raised a $2 million seed round investment from leading venture capital firms and angel investors. Slow Ventures led the oversubscribed round, with participation from Third Kind Venture Capital, Global Founders Capital, and others.

We are thrilled to be backing Mythic Markets. We think they can play a big role in leveling the playing field for people interested in owning physical assets, said Slow partner Sam Lessin. By increasing liquidity and distributing ownership, more people can invest in a wider range of things they enjoy. We're excited to be a part of their new approach.

The company received their SEC qualification in August 2019, and intends to expand into other forms of fandom in early 2020, including vintage comic books, sci-fi memorabilia and eSports team equity.
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Investing Platform Mythic Markets Turns Your Geeky Hobbies Into Investment Opportunities