A New Romantic Solution for Lonely Men: Romance Tours Exclusively for Introverts

FORT WORTH, Texas: International Love Scout, the internet's most authoritative source on international dating, is launching romance tours specifically designed for shy, marginalized men.

Charlie Morton, the CEO of International Love Scout, explained, Everyone talks about the social problems caused by lonely men, but no one ever does anything. We decided to do something.

For introverts, romance was never easy, but today dating is more frustrating than ever. Modern society is diverse, judgmental, and interconnected. A clumsy pick up line can be instantly splashed around the world on social media.

For shy guys it is terrifying. Men are supposed to make the first move. If they don't, they will often be alone forever. Romance is often a depressing cycle of rejection and fear of rejection. This has led many introverted men to the incel or involuntary celibate movement on the internet.

This online community espouses ideas of misogyny and hatred of more romantically successful men, called Chads among incels. Often, these men stew in frustration and anger for years. Sometimes they commit suicide.

In rare cases, a few have lashed out violently in nihilistic mass shootings. This has led the media to describe introverts as a national menace, but only a tiny number of socially isolated men are incels and that vast majority of incels are not dangerous. However, this negative attention has made it even more difficult for shy, lonely men to succeed romantically.

Tragic and Frustrating

For International Love Scout, this is tragic, but also frustrating. Morton believes that Most shy guys are really good guys. They are generally kind, intelligent and compassionate, but they have a very difficult time romantically.

Until now the dating industry has offered nothing catered specifically to help these men. International Love Scout's Tours are designed with the strengths and weaknesses of shy Western men in mind, and these men do have some strengths in international dating.

Many foreign women grow up in macho, patriarchal societies. In Russia, domestic violence is considered a private matter, and is mostly decriminalized. In China, any woman over about twenty-three is sheng nu, a forgotten woman - traditionally unmarriageable. In Latin America, women are expected to be seen and not heard.

Often foreign women find introverted men a breath of fresh air. Morton explains that There are literally millions of sweet, kind foreign women around the world who would love to meet a nice Western man.

No Married Men Allowed!

International Love Scout Tours are different from other romance tours, because they are restricted to childless men who have never been married. This creates a relaxed, judgement-free atmosphere where the men can fully embrace the romantic opportunities available.

It also makes it easier to educate and counsel the men. Morton explained that, From a business standpoint this decision to limit our clientele to single, childless men might be crazy, but it allows us to focus on helping these men who everyone else ignores.

That is great for the women they meet too. International Love Scout has published dozens of articles about the scientific research into international dating. Morton says that, The research has repeatedly shown that international dating tends to be good for the men and a positive life changing event for the women.

International Love Scout intends to launch the first tour in early 2020.
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A New Romantic Solution for Lonely Men: Romance Tours Exclusively for Introverts