Zynx Health Introduces New Solution for Optimizing the Use of Evidence-based Standards

LOS ANGELES: Zynx Health, market leader in providing evidence- and experience-based clinical improvement solutions since 1996, announced today the release of a new clinical decision support reporting solution to help hospitals target the interventions that drive improved patient care.

The reporting feature extends the power of Knowledge Analyzer, Zynx Health's knowledge management solution that maximizes the value of EHRs and aligns organizations' clinical decision support (CDS) with their clinical and financial goals.

With Zynx Health's new reporting capability, hospitals can address such questions as

Is clinical decision support consistently supporting the best outcomes across the facilities and departments within our organization?
Are the right interventions delivered at the right point in the patient journey and in a manner that streamlines workflow for providers?
Are the most impactful interventions being prioritized?
Do our care standards support the goals of our quality and care teams?
How can we demonstrate the quality of our decision support and ensure it is positioned to impact our Star Ratings?

Healthcare organizations are universally committed to achieving good patient outcomes, yet most lack the necessary tools to identify whether their existing standards of care support their patient care goals, said Howard Willson, senior vice president of customer success for Zynx Health. Our new Knowledge Analyzer reporting solution helps hospitals identify changes that ensure clinical decision support tools are well aligned and that interventions are appropriately prioritized to drive the biggest, positive impact on patient outcomes.

Nashville, Tennessee-based Ardent Health Services, which operates 30 hospitals and other medical facilities in six states, recently implemented Zynx Health's reporting solution to expand the capabilities of Knowledge Analyzer. We want to ensure we are delivering the very best care we can to all our patients. Because we have so many facilities spread across a wide geographical footprint, it can be difficult to monitor how care is being delivered in all of them, said Frank J. F.J. Campbell, MD, chief medical officer and chief quality officer at Ardent Health Services.

In addition to the benefits we're already realizing from Knowledge Analyzer, we will now be able to include all of our facilities' care interventions in our clinical decision support to understand how therapies, treatments, and protocols compare between our facilities, added Dr. Campbell. The reporting capabilities will help us continue our ongoing mission of identifying best practices and improving the quality of care throughout the health system.
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Zynx Health Introduces New Solution for Optimizing the Use of Evidence-based Standards