Troy-Bilt Gardening Experts Reveal The Secrets To Curb Appeal

CLEVELAND: Troy-Bilt recently surveyed a group of high-profile lawn and garden social media influencers to better understand the key elements in achieving curb appeal, as beautifying the outdoors is the most important home element to focus on before selling.

To date, there are more than 486K pieces of #curbappeal content currently circulating on Instagram.

Influencers who participated include
Amy Andrychowicz, Get Busy Gardening
Rochelle Greayer, Pith + Vigor
Eric Rochow, GardenFork
Erin Schanen, The Impatient Gardener

Though the interest and importance of curb appeal is high, experts unanimously shared that the key to desirable curb appeal is to keep both design and maintenance simple.

Good maintenance and simplicity will go farther than trying to redesign your yard, Greayer says. She also suggests that you think of your house like a face it needs to be washed and cleaned, and then you can take it to the next level with just a little makeup.

This means keeping up with routine tasks like weeding, edging, mowing and pruning, along with adding subtle touches of color from container plants to draw the eye to areas of the yard you want to highlight.

Greayer especially gravitates toward creating defined garden bed edges (using an edger) and orderly lines with her lawn mower when tackling curb appeal in her own yard.

Schanen adds, Clutter is distracting in a yard, and it quickly looks disorderly. Simply picking things up and putting them away makes everything look tidy. Pressure washing the front of the house and entry steps goes even further. It shows that the person who lives there cares about their space.

Use Simplicity for An Eye-Catching Garden
Influencers caution individuals to refrain from being overzealous when it comes to gardening.

At times, individuals focus too much on flowers, Andrychowicz says. Most perennial plants and shrubs only bloom for a short time and can look pretty boring the rest of the year. For best results, stagger plants with colorful foliage and varying bloom times to give you year-round color and the best curb appeal.

At the start of every planting season, Andrychowicz and Rochow encourage individuals to trade plants with neighbors to add variety and help save on costs. This can easily be done by dividing perennials.

Make Your Neighbors Green with Envy
Curb appeal mistakes aren't solely limited to gardening; they apply to lawn care too.

According to Rochow, a surefire way to ruin a yard's aesthetic involves fertilizing. Over-fertilizing can cause grass to turn yellow and create bald spots, he says. Instead, use a time-release fertilizer, as it's much less likely to 'burn' your grass.

He also recommends keeping grass longer to deliver a fuller look and prevent lawn damage from the sun.

Turn Heads with Tools Right for the Job
When it comes to essential tools, influencers collectively mentioned lawn mowers, lawn edgers, leaf blowers and string trimmers as top of the list for keeping a well-manicured yard. Crisp lines, evenly trimmed greenery and debris-free spaces are just a few of the simple but impactful benefits these tools provide to homes' curb appeal.

According to Schanen, no matter what type of yard or curb appeal needs you have, it all comes down to keeping it basic and attainable. Sometimes all it takes is a cleanly cut edge to make even an imperfect lawn look great.

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Troy-Bilt Gardening Experts Reveal The Secrets To Curb Appeal