Honor Society Foundation Funds Historic Honor Society Museum

LAS VEGAS: The Honor Society Foundation, a Non-profit 501(c)(3), recently earned a 2019 Platinum Seal of Transparency, the highest level of recognition offered by GuideStar, the world's largest source of nonprofit information.

Since its inception, the Honor Society Foundation has funded and administered higher-education scholarships and educational programming for high achievers. The Honor Society Foundation helps ambitious students and professionals achieve even more by making education more accessible through scholarships, said Mike Moradian.

In fact, a key component of the Foundation's mission is member education, and with this goal in mind, the Honor Society Foundation recently organized and funded the Honor Society Museum. The Honor Society Foundation is dedicated to providing educational programming and preservation of honor society history, said Moradian, which is why we wanted to sponsor the Honor Society Museum to house these incredible artifacts.

The Honor Society Museum takes visitors on a journey from as far back as the 1700's through the present day. By combining the global reach of modern technology with the fascinating history of societies that set the course for success, Honor Society Museum curators work tirelessly to preserve the accomplishments of the leaders of the past while educating the leaders of tomorrow, added Mike Moradian. From the keys of the past to the honor stoles of today, the different displays pay tribute to the pride people held (and continue to hold) for their membership in an honor society.

We're very proud to have the opportunity to curate these items. I encourage you to visit our Nonprofit Profile on GuideStar to see what we're all about, added Moradian. The Honor Society Museum is just one of the many new projects the Honor Society Foundation has underway, with member events, trips and networking events approaching quickly with the new school year in full swing.
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Honor Society Foundation Funds Historic Honor Society Museum