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Employees Waste up to 14 Hours Scheduling Interviews for a Single Vacancy

NOTTINGHAM, England: Recruiters send 3 or more emails to schedule one interview, according to a recent survey by Cronofy and JobAdder.

This means that if it takes 15 minutes to check their availability then write an email, they lose 45 minutes to scheduling one interview.

If a hiring manager interviews five people for a role, that's 7.5 hours - or almost an entire working day - lost to scheduling interviews for a single vacancy.

However, the survey shows that 61% of companies use a two-person interview panel. Between those two employees, they'll lose up to 14 hours to scheduling one interview.

With most businesses conducting multi-part interviews for roles, this quickly adds up to recruiters losing an entire working week just to scheduling interviews. This time that they spend on admin tasks leaves them with less time to spend on the real reason they were hired - finding the best person for a role.

The survey makes it clear that a staggering number of employees lose time to scheduling tasks that can be streamlined. Integrating scheduling into recruitment workflows frees up days of extra time every year. Companies hire faster, save money, and scale sooner, says Adam Bird, CEO of Cronofy. It's situations like this that inspired us to create our service and continue to drive us to make it simple to integrate scheduling.

Other findings from the survey

90% of recruiters have to send 2 or more emails or make 2 or more phone calls to schedule an interview
64% of recruiters take 2 or more days to schedule an interview
41% take 3 or more days to schedule an interview
26% take 4 or more days to schedule an interview
11% take a full week or longer to schedule

The survey asked 272 external recruiters what their experiences were with interviews and interview scheduling.

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Employees Waste up to 14 Hours Scheduling Interviews for a Single Vacancy

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