Japan: Water treatment measure introduced in Tokyo ahead of 2020 Olympics

Tokyo [Japan], Sept 12 : The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Thursday introduced a water treatment measure to better deal with natural calamities like typhoons or squalls to keep the city safe.

"The most important mission of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is to keep daily life and safety of citizens. Bureau of construction develops a preparation of infrastructure. For example, levee protection, a pond to control the water level, tide embankment, watergate and so on. To realise appropriate evacuation, Tokyo metropolitan government provides flood and rain information by Tokyo metropolitan government water disaster prevention general information system," said Eika Saionji, Bureau of Construction, Tokyo metropolitan government.

Cameras are set at 47 points of the river and the situation of the river is observed around the clock.

Also, the government monitors and analyses data of rain gauge, water gauge, and dispatches appropriate information to the citizens.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government continuously monitors the situation in Tokyo and the safety of the city is its top priority. When the water level reaches the dangerous mark, the information is automatically dispatched to the water disaster prevention room.

The government's water disaster prevention general information system can provide data both to the citizens and foreign tourists on the internet in various foreign languages. People can check the real-time image of the river and water-level using the location of PCs and smartphones.

"At the time of big typhoon and local downpour, the quick evacuation is important to prevent urban flood disaster. Information system to warn dangerous situation of raining and flood river to the citizen on the internet by the real-time process may be considered for Asian people who are suffered by strong raining or water disaster," the government official added.

Japan is highly susceptible to natural disasters as it lies in the Ring of Fire. The focus on disaster prevention technologies in the Japanese metropolis has increased as the city gears up to host the 2020 Olympics.

(ANI | 6 months ago)

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Japan: Water treatment measure introduced in Tokyo ahead of 2020 Olympics