Next College Student Athlete Releases 2019 NCSA Power Rankings

CHICAGO: Next College Student Athlete (NCSA), the world's largest and most successful college athletic recruiting network, today released its 2019 NCSA Power Rankings, an annual list of the Best Schools in the U.S. for Student-Athletes.

NCSA Power Rankings offer a comprehensive analysis of the best NCAA and NAIA schools across the country. Colleges and universities are ranked overall and broken out by division and sport into the top schools for 2019.

Unlike traditional power rankings which list schools based purely on athletic performance, the NCSA Power Rankings evaluate colleges and universities on a range of criteria that student-athletes find most important when considering potential schools including athletics, academics and, for the first time, affordability.

We wanted this year's NCSA Power Rankings to incorporate the criteria that matters most to student-athletes, and the cost of college is an incredibly important factor as families look to find the right school, said NCSA President Lisa Strasman.

Our research shows that student-athletes who find their best college fit - athletically, academically, socially and financially - are more likely to be successful during and after their college experience. Our hope is that the NCSA Power Rankings offer student-athletes a comprehensive list of the top colleges and universities that best fit their needs and ultimately help them find their best fit.

The 2019 NCSA Power Rankings were calculated through a proprietary methodology using each school's NCSA Favorites data, general academic ranking based off of U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges, IPEDS graduation rate and IPEDS average cost after aid.

Since 2010, NCSA Power Rankings have recognized the Best Schools in the U.S. for Student-Athletes, evaluating colleges and universities on criteria that matters most to student-athletes and providing a valuable tool to families researching potential schools.

This year, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill tops the Best Colleges List at No. 1, with Stanford University, University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA), Harvard University and Princeton University rounding out the top five.

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Next College Student Athlete Releases 2019 NCSA Power Rankings