Invisible Fence Brand Protects Over 3,000,000 Pets in 46 Years of Service

KNOXVILLE, Tenn: Invisible Fence Brand celebrates a noteworthy milestone as they surpass 3,000,000 pets protected in 46 years.

The company, which helps pet owners find custom indoor and outdoor solutions for their animals, was founded in 1973 when a traveling salesman by the name of Richard Peck noticed an alarming number of dogs roaming along the road.

Peck wanted to find an effective and affordable alternative to traditional fencing, so he pioneered the world's first electronic pet containment system - Invisible Fence.

History of Invisible Fence
To celebrate this milestone and their upcoming anniversary, Invisible Fence recognizes other major milestones in the history of pet containment

-1975 Invisible Fence partners with University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine to prove the new system to be safe, gentle and effective for animals, with no short- or long-term adverse effects.

-1987 Invisible Fence achieves more than a dozen patents that continue improving technology and effectiveness.

-1995 With the help of leading animal behaviorists, veterinarians and dog trainers, Invisible Fence makes certified training a vital part of their pet containment solution.

-1996 Invisible Fence introduces the world's first indoor avoidance solutions, protecting dogs and cats from hazards and temptations inside the home.

-2013 Invisible Fence introduces the world's most advanced pet fence, featuring wire-free GPS containment technology that allows for any shape or size boundaries.

-2017 Invisible Fence's exclusive Boundary Plus pet fence technology is rated a Consumers Digest 'Best Buy' in the underground pet-containment category.

Every year, we strive to introduce the most advanced pet products on the market - whether it be avoidance, containment or access solutions, said Ed Hoyt, Director of Invisible Fence Brand. Over the next 46 years, we're eager to see how our technology can continue to improve the relationship between families and their pets.

To learn more about customizing different solutions for different pets or additional information about Invisible Fence, call (800) 578-3647 or visit
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Invisible Fence Brand Protects Over 3,000,000 Pets in 46 Years of Service