Boss Pet/PetEdge Launch New Aromatherapy Product For Dogs

BEVERLY, Mass: Boss Pet Products, Inc. and PetEdge LLC, a leading supplier of wholesale pet products and grooming supplies, is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative aromatherapy product for dogs - ikaria PetScent Clips that turn any dog collar into a calming and soothing collar.

Chris Miller, President of Boss Pet / PetEdge ikaria PetScent Clips are a simple, natural and effective product positioned to service the trend for aromatherapy and chemical free integrative therapies for dogs, helping them live healthier, happier lives.

ikaria PetScent Clips are unique from other aromatherapy collar devices on the market today with a patented delivery system providing two key benefits that set this product apart from the rest

Bill Webster, scent technology innovator, explains, ikaria PetScent Clips patented device diffuses pure essential oil blends that can help with calming and soothing dogs without any artificial volatiles or related chemicals. Dogs receive the benefits of scent through ambient air with the same freedom that the consumers demand for themselves.
Open and closed sliders control the amount of scent released, making it effective and convenient. According to John McGlynn, VP Marketing, PetEdge, We found that dogs respond to aromatherapy very quickly, however the calming and soothing effect can wear off over time, if the pet is continuously exposed to the scent as with other aromatherapy devices. With ikaria PetScent Clips, pet owners can conveniently open the slider when needed then close it when it's not needed.

ikaria PetScent Clips come in two proprietary blends

Calming Helps calm anxious dogs using a proprietary essential oil blend of lavender, sweet marjoram, and roman chamomile.
Rescue Helps soothe fearful dogs using a proprietary essential oil blend of cypress, spikenard, neroli, ylang-ylang and lavender.

ikaria PetScent Clips are manufactured in the United States. They are available as a single-unit, carded product and also an attractive 12 unit shelf or counter display merchandiser. Product ships August 2019.
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Boss Pet/PetEdge Launch New Aromatherapy Product For Dogs