Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Maharashtra Transport Minister requests Centre to reconsider 'exorbitantly increased' fines under MV Act

Mumbai , Sept 12 : Maharashtra Transport Minister Diwakar Raote has requested Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari to reconsider and reduce the exorbitantly increased fines under the Motor Vehicles Act.

In a letter to Nitin Gadkari, dated September 11, Raote said, "It is seen that the fines prescribed in the new Act have been increased exorbitantly and have raised a public outcry. The Central Government is requested to reconsider and reduce the same by making suitable amendments in the Central Motor Vehicle Act."

Raote, however, hailed the amendments saying that they are commendable in view of road safety.

On Wednesday, Gadkari while addressing an event in New Delhi had said that the motive of the government behind increasing the fine amount was to save lives of people and not to collect revenue.

"The state government can decide on fines. There is no problem. But this is not a revenue earning proposal. This is for saving lives of people. We are losing 2 per cent of GDP due to road accidents. It is not the responsibility of the government to save the lives of the people? That is the spirit behind the law. It was not the intention of the government to increase fine to get revenue for the government," he told ANI.

(ANI | 5 months ago)