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When kinship evolved into a business partnership

When kinship evolved into a business partnership
New Delhi, Sep 11 : Nazish Mir and Ali Mir are business partners first and siblings second. Their unique bond though stems from kinship, has evolved into a business partnership, having recently launched a brand of sanitary pads called LAIQA. IANSlife caught up with the duo to find out what it takes to create a niche product.

Their premium brand of sanitary napkins called LAIQA is biodegradable, and focuses on both women and the environment. Being a girl from an orthodox Indian family, it was her confidence which allowed Nazish to foray into a subject that is often considered a taboo amongst Muslims and Hindus alike. "I feel it's extremely essential for women of all religions to address and acknowledge their period as being something normal and bodily. I've been told it takes strength to speak about such a topic, especially being a Muslim girl, but this topic is a taboo in most Indian houses whether Hindu, Muslim or Christian," says Nazish.

While conventional sanitary napkins carry 70 to 80 per cent plastic, LAIQA pads have only 7 per cent plastic presence and come in disposable bags and cardboard boxes that are made entirely of paper – making them 100 per cent biodegradable and recyclable. They have a unique combination of features and functionalities high-quality feather-soft top sheet, with a breathable bottom sheet. The pads are rash-free, chlorine-free, fragrance-free, and protect the consumer from UTIs and yeast infections while providing them the best possible comfort.

It's important to know how Ali felt to venture into the world thus far talked about only by women. "It's not a girl or a guy thing... well it is a girl thing… but who best to support them in their endeavor and to speak about, bring awareness and spread information than the guys, especially her brother. We need to stand together in brotherhood; arm-in-arm with the sisters in our country. We need to encourage them to take care of themselves and tend to their health; encourage them to create businesses and start-ups and not shy away from our duty towards them. That's why Laiqa is important to me," says Ali.

The brand also ensures they give back to the community and practice a 'Buy One, Donate One' policy, where on the purchase of every pack of pads, a pad is donated to lesser privileged menstruating girls and women. It works closely with four NGOs on a voluntary basis, alongside the sanitary pad donations.

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