Kerala: Onam celebrated with gaiety, fervour

Thiruvananthapuram , Sept 11 : Kerala on Wednesday celebrated the harvest festival of Onam with traditional gaiety and fervour.

Onam is celebrated through various rituals which are observed by one and all. Temples decorated with flowers had the faithful throng them since early morning for prayers to mark the occasion.

The 10-day festival is celebrated to honour the memory of the legendary King Mahabali, who according to the legends is said to visit Kerala on the auspicious occasion.

Speaking to ANI, Raja Anand, a local resident, said, "This is the festival of Kerala where the entire Malyali community participates in the celebration irrespective of their caste, creed, sex or religion. People belonging to different faiths go to their individual places of divinity and sanctity. The festival brings out the message of love and brotherhood where the self is kept aside reliveing the individual from one's personal bondage."

Talking about the popularly followed ritual, a local named Vivek said that this day symbolises the return of our great King named Mahabali. Generally, we visit the temple and offer prayers. Afterwards, we head back to our homes to prepare a feast named 'sadhya' which contains an array of vegetables and curries served on a banana leaf with the 'payasam' (sweet dish like kheer).

The festival is an occasion for family and friends to get together and indulge in traditional games, music and dancing and partake in a grand feast, the 'Onasadya'.

Wishing a Happy Onam to all, Devika, another local observed that after visiting the temple in the traditional attire, we switch to the feast which is followed by the making of the 'Pookalum' (flower decoration) that is designed by using vibrant coloured flowers. As a part of the celebration, the females take swings on the 'Unnayaal' (swing).

The festivityis marked by people decorating their houses with 'Rangoli' and engaging themselves in activities like boat race, flower arrangement and tug of war among others.

(ANI | 9 months ago)

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Kerala: Onam celebrated with gaiety, fervour