Dreame is Hosting a Writing Contest to Celebrating Its Anniversary

SINGAPORE: With Dreame ushering in its one year anniversary in August, it is hosting a writing contest -- Show Your Girl Power to celebrate such occasion.

The contest lasts until 1 November, 2019 and is open to public, but the stories must be written in English to be eligible to claim a prize.

Prizes include cash up to 1,000 dollars, book reviews from industry professionals and book promotion. Also, 1,000 dollars will be donated to a charity supporting women on behalf of the first-prize winner. Authors can create their ideal female characters and heroines and enter the prize pool.

Looking back, in just one year of development, Dreame has achieved many heartening results. To date, over 10,000 authors have published their stories on Dreame, reaching and engaging with millions of active monthly users. No progress is made without our authors working on and sharing their creations on Dreame and without the support they receive from their readers, said Samuel Law, Stary CEO.

Because of the special reader/author relationship, Dreame, according to the ranking based on revenue on Google Play and App Store, is among the top three reading apps in countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India and top one in Indonesia and Philippines etc. Dreame has also forged partnerships with over ten publishers and E-book aggregators such as StreetLib, helping them to implement its business model featuring vertical marketing systems and insights into the need of readers.

We have a lot planned for Dreame, said Shaw Suen, Dreame Chief Editor. For example, writing on the Dreame app and applying for stories to be listed in the Pay-to-Read program will be enabled for authors and other improvements concerning the experience of writing and sharing stories on Dreame will also be made. For readers, Dreame will keep optimizing its recommendation algorithm for them to easily find a book to enjoy. At the same time, exciting events will be coming up to reward all Dreame users as well.

Moving forward, Dreame is on progress to achieve its goal with readers and writers set to benefit. Stay tuned to find out what Dreame has to offer.
(PRN | 6 months ago)

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Dreame is Hosting a Writing Contest to Celebrating Its Anniversary