SEATTLE: Offices customized for the needs of dementia patients will open on September 1 at 200 Mercer Street, at Queen Anne's Square in Seattle, it was announced by Brain Health and Research Institute CEO Dr. Mary Kay Ross.
Located on two floors of the building, and separated into an active treatment primary care center and a separate prevention unit, managed by Dr. Kristine Lokken, the space has been thoroughly redesigned.

Dr. Ross has moved her existing clinical practices from Savannah, Georgia and Los Angeles, California to Seattle, and entered into a scientific collaboration and partnership with Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), which is led by renowned scientist Dr. Jim Heath and was founded by legendary biologist Dr. Lee Hood. Dr. Lokken has moved her Birmingham based practice to Seattle to join Ross in the creation of this unique and forward looking medical and scientific institute.

The Brain Health and Research Institute combines the most advanced DNA research, computational biology and the Ross team's years of successful cognitive restoration -- that is, the reversal of most or all of the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, and other dementias for more than 2000 patients.

We are excited to partner with Dr. Ross and the Brain Health & Research Institute to bring the most advanced concepts in personalized medicine, with scientific rigor, to Alzheimer's Disease and other crippling cognitive ailments, said ISB President Dr. Jim Heath.

Joining the team are Dr. Jeremy Whiting of Savannah, and New York based dementia coach Kerry Mills. Several Seattle based employees are coming on board as well. The new Mercer Street location in lower Queen Anne is close to ISB's Terry Avenue headquarters, to facilitate ease of multi-modal problem solving.

Steelways Property Manager Michele Crabtree said, we are very happy to have such a distinguished group of doctors and scientists in our building, dedicated to this critical and urgent task - the defeat of Alzheimer's. The offices have been retrofitted to create what Dr. Ross has called a calming, supportive atmosphere, with the space and equipment necessary to facilitate a sustained recovery from the ravages of Alzheimer's disease, and conduct the testing and research necessary to save lives.

Brain Health and Research Institute is currently booking Seattle visits for a wide range of US and international patients, and participating with the Institute for Systems Biology on a series of upcoming Seattle based trials centered on BHRI's innovative Alzheimer's treatment. BHRI COO Stephen Ross added, we looked at several cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, but felt Seattle's tech strength and ISB's science depth made it the perfect place to start. Brain Health & Research Institute was represented in this cross country move and Seattle location negotiation by Jake Bos, of Kidder, Mathews.

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