• Sunday, 17 February 2019

Goa BJP hits back at Congress' 'Guinness' jibe

Goa BJP hits back at Congress' 'Guinness' jibe

Panaji, July 12 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not go abroad for picnics, said the Goa BJP on Thursday, a day after a Congress spokesperson formally requested the Guinness World Records officials to include Modi's name for making a 'record breaking' number of foreign visits.

"The Prime Minister did not go abroad for picnics," said Goa BJP spokesperson Dattaprasad Naik at a press conference in Panaji.

"When PM visits abroad, 30,000 to 40,000 Indians gather there to welcome him," Naik said. "The very fact that global technology giant Samsung has invested in its biggest manufacturing hub in India was testimony to Modi's efforts to bring investment to India during his visits abroad," Naik added.

He reeled out Modi's achievements, saying all these were "world records which should be included in the record book.

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Goa BJP hits back at Congress' 'Guinness' jibe

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